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Everyday at 12 Noon, no matter where you live, envision yourself standing on the moon, looking at the world and ask that every one and every thing on the planet be blessed with good health, a kind heart, safe neighborhoods, stable jobs and time for fun with family & friends.

Healing, loving energy trumps all negativity, ego and fear. Love is the greatest power we have - use it to fight for a world where goodness is valued and power and money are not. Plant seeds of goodness and they will harvest. Teach your friends, start a group, do it with your kids, tell your clergy. Heal our planet by sending it love every day.

One person CAN make a difference


a route used when the direct or regular route is closed

Do you feel helpless?

Lots of us do. It's right to feel that way because our government has shut us out.

But it doesn't have to be that way. WE can take the country back, reinstate the constitution and reclaim our rights.

But it won't happen if you wait for other people to do it. It's up to you.

I know you're busy. Thats one of their tricks. Keep you working so hard that you don't have time to fight them. But there is email, toll free numbers to call, and postcards. Badger them. Speak your mind. You're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

But time is of the essence. Big Brother is marching over everything and if not stopped they will destroy our freedoms forever - all in the name of greed. All this insurance plan backlash is the insurance companies fighting to keep their high profits and low performance in tact. It's a fight to the death, so they are getting dirty. But if they hadn't been so greedy and heartless this would not have happened to them. (If you can get coverage for any illness guaranteed, for thousands of dollars less a year, don't you want that?) Well the insurance companies don't.

Where are all the "moral values" we keep hearing about? I sure don't see it. We have Senators standing before crowds and lying to its citizens. Shouldn't that be a violation of their oath of office and cause for dismissal?

It's like a bad Sci Fi Movie come to life, but it's REALLY HAPPENING! Will you be a hero, or a couch potato? Apathy is no longer an option. Do you really want the Wall Street types to continue to drive our country into the ground? So come on...join the "little people" and lets grow ourselves into big, scary monsters with a goal of fairness and good things for everyone, not just a few.

What kind of food do you eat?
Buy food the way grandma and grandpa used to eat - - pesticide, harmone and junk free.
What's happening with your finances?
Protect your hard earned money.
Is the medical system making you sick?
Make sure your family is getting the best care they can.


Did you know you have a greater risk of being struck by lightening than you do being attacked by a terrorist??

Did you know Europe created criminal police forces to deal with terrorists when they were hit rather than invading countries. If your neighbor killed someone, do you think the army should come in and bomb your neighborhood???


Call or write your Representatives and tell them to stop lying, stop procrastinating, stop posturing, stop working for the insurance companies and work for WE THE PEOPLE and give us affordable, full coverage single payer health care NOW.


No matter what your party or even if you don't have one, if you are an American Citizen you have to PARTICIPATE to keep democracy alive. It's your duty. Democracy is a participatory system. If don't participate democracy dies and power brokers take over (sound familiar?).

"They" love it when you don't vote. Don't give them the country on a silver platter. (Did you know most industrialized nations have more than 95% voter turn out...and the USA has about 50%? Half of us are not participating!!) So REGISTER now and keep our democracy alive.

Write your congress-person. Tell them what you think, what you want and what you expect by the time the next election rolls around. These people work for you...they just forgot.


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